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Anime is Trash
Anime is Trash

Two of my best friends, Sawik and Zeno (known only from the Net) did that. Sawik wrote to me, that Zeno’s brother told him, that Zeno had a very bad car accident, and there were little chances that he’d survive. I believed him, though I wished he was trollin’. And, in fact, they were, as Sawik wrote that to me, but just after I turned off my PC, so I didn’t get that message…
I went to bed and texted my IRL friend (the only IRL friend I have) about the whole thing. She likely thought, that I’m about to faint. Then I asked Sawik if he knows anythin’ more ’bout Zeno via Facebook on my phone and, as it turned out, t’was a troll ;D We all laughed about that, but my friend got REALLY offended (what she said “Those fucking dicks!!! Do they have any idea what they’ve done?!? Damned idiots!!” or “I would blast the fuck out of them to the Moon for this!”), but she still felt very sorry for me =|
Now, I felt like a very naive idiot for the situation, especially for pullin’ my friend into this, as she appeared to be the biggest victim of that troll. She seemed to be ok with this, though, as she said she’d probably do the same… But still, daaamn…


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