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And @ Music

1, 2, 3 and to tha fo,

Snoop Dawgy Dawg and Docta Dre is at ya dowe

Reddy ta make an entrance so back awn up

Cas you know we bout ta rip shit up

Gimma da microphone furst so I can bust like a bubble

Compton and long beach togetha now you know we in trouble

Aint nuttin but a G thang baaabay

2 loc’d out niggaz goin craaaaazay

death row is that lable that pays meh

Unfadable so pleez don’y try ta, fake dis

Well uh back to tha lecture at hand

Perfection is perfected so’ma let em undastand

Classic Rap LMAO I wish I had music on my profile. So Kero did it for you? I’m trying it now that she explained it better.


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