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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

I think it’ll be permament, but generally I have only one theory – she will not become powerful ‘cause she’s an Alicorn, but she’ll become an Alicorn ‘cause she’s powerful. In a fashion, that becomin’ an Alicorn won’t really make her OP, but it’s anly a form of crownin’ the one she already was, ‘cause I think we can all agree, that even without wings she’s quite powerful (for her age).
Shortly – for me, Alicorn Twilight means that Twilight will have wings. Amen.

And on Twitter people make fun of this anyway ;P

Though I would’ve never expected that Max cares about spoilers…

Finally, I will laugh so badly, if all of this appears to be one huge troll ;P
You never know, I’ll be 100% sure that it’s not when I’ve watched the episode.


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