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Flare Dancer
Flare Dancer

Well, I went back and did a little research. It appears the reddit post below is starting to seem more and more accurate with each passing day.

If it is true that Hasbro really is to blame, then I can’t really hate on their strategery, since MLPFiM always existed to sell toys, but I CAN however hate on how they went about doing it. DHX has been doing a tremendous job with the show, and quite frankly, I hope they find a way to bring things back to how good Season 2 was (and even most of season 3, but with more episodes and more Derpy).

The day Hasbro realizes that the more they intervene, the less people like the show, is the day that my respect for them returns. They have been doing some of the dumbest things imaginable in regards to their products (such as attempting to engineer a brony fandom for the Care Bears, and in a way Littlest Pet shop, since they got several MLP VAs to do the show), but I was able to wave it off as it was not MLP.

And then this.

The show is their property, and they can do with it what they will, but I sincerely hope they stop trying to people-please (Derpygate) and start letting DHX work their magic, and then base their builds on the episodes, rather than the episodes on the toys.


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