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Congratulations for your 6000th pic, which has 3 nines on its number, which makes 666 if we return them or replace them with the first number of your posted image’s number, so it must be a sign related to alicorn Twilight or something, because I saw that you had 6000 posted just at this time, and things that happen in America are probably related to one of the 7 millions of people in the world me. The worst is that from a certain date I don’t know and I couldn’t calculate, I am the 6,489,959th guy born, and you too, which is kinda bad, because now there is a chance that we are all going to burn the 16th February, which makes 16/02, so in hexadecimal it’s 1002, and 1002 is basically 1000+2, so there has to be some signification about 1000 being a perfect number and 2 being the number of wings given that day.

It’s okay, I’m definitely not freaking out about alicorn Twilight :)


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