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Majora's Mare
Majora's Mare

What if… the show just takes a WHOLE NEW direction from season 4 onward? like; all the mane 6 are still in it, but are set kind of in the background, and we have… idk, the CMCs, Spike, and some other characters take the spotlight or something? wouldn’t that be interesting?
I only say this because, in my personal opinion, the best episodes this season thus far have not been the ones focused on the mane 6, but the side characters; Spike’s latest episode was awesome, the CMCs got a REALLY good song, Trixy stole the show in her episode, Discord came back, and Scootaloo got her VERY FIRST EPISODE EVER! (I love me some Scootaloo!)
So why not change places? Like I said, the mane 6 would still be there, but more as a supporting roll. Maybe that way they could introduce some new recurring characters or something.
Just a thought.


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