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Flare Dancer
Flare Dancer

I suddenly had two thoughts.

1) Perhaps this will end the Mane 6 as a story for FiM, and instead of Twi and the like, we’ll see a new protagonist make new friends in a new place (or even an old one, but in a new time/setting). Maybe Babs Seed will start getting the spotlight? Perhaps it will now focus on the CMC? Either way, it will interest me to see what Season 4 brings, as they have officially signed it. Oh, and there are rumors that BBC has given Hasbro and DHX the rights to an actor for a voice for one episode. Well, you Doctor Who fans, Billie Piper as Roseluck’s going to be awesome, isn’t she?

2) You know the only way this controversy affects me? I get to rewrite fanfiction plots and endings now that were in progress (including what is still a TwilightxOC pairing, which now gets to end in a manner similar to A Canterlot Wedding for shining Armor). First world problems, huh? Meanwhile everyone else seems to take this as a personal insult and apparently they’re leaving the fandom. How petty. that really is all that needs to be said. How. Petty.


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