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Flare Dancer
Flare Dancer

@Lone K.

Yes, we have. We thought the episode would end with Twi choosing not to become an alicorndue to her missing her friends, but with the extended synopsis, the episode is confirmed to end with Twilicorn. That being said, until Season 4, we have no idea what else is going to happen to her. Hasbro is probably watching the shitstorm develop, and they may very well give the go ahead to revert Twi because she likes her friends too much.

Or they might not, but I’ll still watch the show till I determined that there were no longer any qualities that I liked in later seasons, and I would go back to watching older ones.

BTW, it seems most bronies have either gone into shock or they’re starting to poke fun at themselves for the shitstorm. Either way, we get calm between the storms.


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