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Gnoj Mik
Gnoj Mik

> “lot of retarded people”
> implying that all people that hate something are defined as retarded, you assumptuous prick

>“ok to hate it”
> as I mentioned, doesn’t matter if you think it’s okay or not, your opinion isn’t the ultimatum, ever

> “bad to defend because it’s ‘meant’ to be hated?”
> look at 1. your reason for defending, and 2. how you defend it each time, I should make a compilation of your 9gag defending comments, it would be pretty hilarious

> “cos they have bad stigma”
> the stigma is about 9gag’s attitude and inability to be funny or creative, something that people are justified to point out
> there is not BAD stigma about anime fans and furries, just that people like to pick on them, IT’S DIFFERENT, nice try at logic though bro

> “even better, lets all start hating jews and black people because it also used to be really cool!”
> I think everyone here reading this can agree that you are NOT qualified to have an opinion to be taken seriously anymore

“i will continue to defend 9gag as long as there are morons like who bash it for no real reson.”
> implying that you know the intentions of every 9gag basher, you’re just as bad as them if you continue to think that EVERYONE has “no real reason”


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