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I won’t know for a short while. One was difficult, one was horrible, and the other three were quite good. Even if the first ones were bad, I should be able to pull them up.

He might be your baby, but all kids rebel in some way ;) And I’m sure he still loves you. Or, like most cats, he thinks he’s the one in charge.

Haha, no I didn’t go with them. The girl I like, I don’t talk to much anymore. My ex, came separately. I didn’t expect her to come, and when she did, my jaw nearly fell through the flaw. Damn, that woman knows how to look stunning. And she knows how to say the damn cutest things. Now I’m wondering if my old feelings for her are coming back. Other than that, I drank a little vodka, but not much. One girl was so drunk before I had I had to hold her from falling over. Poor girl was so drunk she walked up to the guy she had a crush on and insulted him into oblivion. This was all topped off by her waking up at 2am, in the snow, freezing her ass off.

Alcohol is a funny thing.


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