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Jolly Jew
Jolly Jew

i used the term ‘retarded’ to describe the ones going bannanas over each mention of 9gag, not everyone who dislike it.
there is no reason to bash 9gag, there is no reson to bash anyithing unless it’s some crime against humanity.
it doesn’t matter how bad a sigma is, bashing something nonestop will annoy and anger people, no one bitches about 4chan, funnyjunk or beliebers even though everyone knows they are bad.

i don’t care how much someone hates 9gag as long he keeps it to himself and doesn’t flip his shit each single time it’s mentioned, if people didn’t do that wouldn’t have bothered to critisice this extremely disgusting behavior.

and the thread you brought up proves exactly that point. nobody really argued why 9gag is bad, they all just bashed it nonestop
But when i stood up to just say that they are exaggerating with this is was karma raped to oblivion and me defending 9gag was somehow compared to me defending GENOCIDE.
and you think that’s funny?

yeah, that will totally make people understand this bashing and overflowing hate… you are beyond hope. i should have just gave up at the beginning. if you really don’t know what’s wrong with going apeshit each time a site is mentioned then, im terribly, sorry, you are an idiot

and for the record. furries and anime fans have TONS of bad stigmas, it’s not just people who like to pick on them. but you make your own rules and your own logic.

as i said, you are hopless, im done talking to you.


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