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Actually, what really bothers me is the lack of usage of tags and source links!
There are so many OPs here who don’t bother to fill the right side of their post, as if they were the original owners of what they found online, although the posts were originally done by others!

Now a little homework for you – Search here on KYM “The Truman Show”, then click on the “Images” tab.
Now, you see this pony comic? Do you think you would find it in this way if someone else had posted the comic?
A. Definitely
B. Nope.avi
C. Both… probably?
D. Can i go now?

Now search here the name of one of the famous brony artists (atryl, CIRILIKO, and Mickeymonster For example).
Do you know what is common to all the artists whose work was published here on KYM? They are all published by multiple users, but only those whose name appears under the tags can be found by searching their name!


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