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Teh Brawler
Teh Brawler

First off, willingness to have sex for different reasons is still rape. Yes, Hanako was willing for the sake of not losing Hisao, but that doesn’t mean she wanted to, and that kind of ambiguity is the cause of most cases of rape. There’s a reason prostitution is illegal: it’s because payment for sex is still coercion, even if it seems not to be. Any instance where sexual intercourse occurs outside of enjoyment of the act itself can be considered rape, because the desire isn’t there. Believe me, I have friends who have been coerced into sex under more ambiguous reasons, and the case could be defined as rape in the legal sense.

Second, I can say that no matter how good of a literary move it seems, it’s not when you consider the fact that a catharsis like that couldn’t happen in real life. If both people in the sexual activity aren’t completely willing, partaking in it will always cause harm to the person psychologically, because it’s just that intimate of a situation. There would be no way to build the relationship that quickly after having sex forced upon you, because someone inserted themselves into your life more intimately than you were comfortable with, and for someone as psychologically damaged as Hanako, coerced sex would have essentially traumatized her. Once again, I’ve had multiple friends who have gone through rape, and it’s not nearly as easy as just forgiving them the next day.


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