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Delta Two-Six The Lurking Fagtron.
Delta Two-Six The Lurking Fagtron.

..i see that Advance has rooted himself deep in the community enough.. to the point that even the great RandomMan now uses a Rarity avatar, which is quite a uhh… a rarity in itself.

odd times, indeed. not that it’s bad or anything. yes, i know what happened, since i decided to lurk around for a bit. i kinda liked Advance for all those Rarity pics he stuffed on the gallery (even though some of ’em are borderline… sexual). saves me the time of scouring the internet for ’em.

..now i just need to dig out those Rarity avatars i have from one of my old folders, just to show my support.

and Rarity pic, because why the hell not.


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