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For example, I’m not as tied to the community as I once was, so the comments section of the MLP article actually annoys me. I also find their discussion to be lacking and often find that I am the one (despite not frequenting or commenting in the subcommunity) reporting brony community events. Often times, the comments section of the article don’t even know about show or fandom happenings. They just like talking to friends who are a part of the same group as they are.

And I don’t frequent the image gallery, because there are a lot of spoiling images from future episodes, there’s a simmering dislike of moderation there, and people don’t really care for tagging and sourcing images on the whole. They just upload images to talk about. However, most of them are really engaging once you talk to them via PM or on their walls. They just don’t really go into the forum brony subcommunity…

…which tends to mix with the larger forum community. The users on KYM Pony General always talk about fandom events and the show. But we’re often known more on other attributes (like Crimson Locks’ take on abortion, my tendency to get long-winded, or RM’s hand in everything on the site) than our statuses as “bronies.”
So whenever we end up doing the same thing, it’s a bit of a…Rarity.


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