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As I see it, bronies in the image galleries tend to be either NSFW-oriented and sorta stick to themselves, or they tend to mix and mingle a bit with the other two subcommunities based on their like of the fandom and/or their like of discussion.

The forum-goers enjoy long posts about the fandom and the show, but they tend to be more objective or enjoy light-hearted fanaticism. Many don’t even identify as bronies anymore. They aren’t quite as fanatical as others, but it’s hard to say that we aren’t fanatics (or at least fans.)

The comments section of the entry tends to have users who really are in it for the community as much as they are the show itself. They call each other “-pony” (i.e, anypony, everypony,) ask each other for brohooves, speak about haters…a lot of things referring to their identification as a “group” and immediate identification of those who aren’t part of their group.
The differences are important to note, because users who overlap often carry over attributes of their “primary” subcommunities to their interactions with other subcommunities. Because of those differences, it’s difficult to get along with most users in these other sections unless you already share their most frequently occurring attributes.


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