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So with that background:

I banned Advance for uploading an X-rated image.
*I knew he was well-liked, so I left an explanation on his wall saying he was banned and why so as to prevent some confusion and rage from not knowing why he was banned.
People who enjoy his uploads felt bad for him (although most seemed to understand that his image wasn’t allowed.)
*A couple of other NSFW uploaders changed their avatars to Rarity to support him (and apparently to take up his left slack in uploading NSFW art. I generally only go whenever someone reports an image.)
I was watching his wall from a distance to see how people would react and to clear up any further confusion, and I saw less rage and more love and support.
*Other users in the wider brony image uploading community knew Advance to be a good guy, and once they realized he was banned, they began to change their usernames/avatars.
The acts of kindness, despite the offense, touched me. And since I liked the guy, I changed my avatar as well (since I’m a moderator, I didn’t want to change my username. I’m still on duty; can’t change my name unless DOGARS makes its triumphant return to semi-prominence.)
***Since I rarely change my avatar to something other than a teal deer, people in the forum-going brony community noticed immediately. We discuss a variety of things, so they asked me why. I explained. So bronies who didn’t even know Advance began to jump in mostly for kicks.


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