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Ehh… it’s a complex happening that requires background and assumption to make sense of.
Advance (among several others) is also known for his R34 uploads of pony art. So he appeals to a niche of users who partake in MLP NSFW art. Within any generally shunned community, the bonds within it tend to be tighter, because the person cannot be easy friends with people outside of that shunned community. They don’t have many choices on KYM with which they can interact, so they rely upon each other and become faster friends than those in broader and larger subcommunities on KYM.

Advance is known for having a “Rarity” (i.e., white fashionista pony with a purple mane) avatar. He and a couple of other users are recognized by this avatar (much like you are recognized by your Dean McCoppin avatars.)

Advance is also a well-liked guy in the image gallery part of the brony community on KYM for being articulate and level-headed. (There are three areas. I hail from the forum going part of it, there is the entry comment subcommunity of bronies, and there are those who frequent the image gallery. They occasionally overlap, but they’re often separate.) That’s why I’m friends with him, despite banning him.

And banning isn’t something that happens a lot of KYM to users who aren’t trying to troll. So within the larger brony community, it’s a rare event anyway to hear about a brony being banned.


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