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Tyler Bowman
Tyler Bowman

Well its been Controversy over Controversy lately, I’m sick of it too, but that last one………That Will spark anger to people that’s been pretty calm through the past couple days. Like, Twilight becoming Alicorn: Nothing, I’m pretty optimisitc on that one. Fighting is Magic Cease and Disist: It sucks and it kinda ticked me off, But I knew, it was probably going to happen, and I just had to move on, maybe it’ll work out, I don’t know. But Now: With practically is a confirmation of that Human plot line: I’m at a lost of words on that one, I mean, there’s alot to say, not good, but not bad, but really, REALLY, concern what’s going on. So……..I mean, it’ll pass by, but I bet, everytime someone goes to a Pony website or 4chan or whatever, That thought will still linger in our heads.


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