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I honestly don’t believe that this is going to cause anywhere near as much drama as people think it will. I for one am in a way looking forward to it, simply because I love drawing and looking at humanized Pony art and now the idea is getting official recognition from Hasbro. Not to mention that there will be a new format where we can potentially enjoy more adventures with the Mane 6.

Could the show be an awful piece of crap? Maybe, but it’s just a spinoff and FiM isn’t going anywhere. I’m pretty sure that with all the drama currently in progress, that a spinoff of MLP featuring human versions of the characters is the least dramatic thing to happen in a while. It’s not like Friendship is Magic is going to be directly influenced by an alternate-universe spinoff.

If it weren’t for alicorn drama, I think that the move to do an MLP spinoff series would have gotten everyone excited, but now no-one trusts Hasbro, and there are people trying to create new drama where there doesn’t need to be any.


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