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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

We all feel that way. Everyone has their shit to deal with; like how I had to stop programming and start a new job in a factory to pay my loan sooner. Now that sucked. You wouldn’t want to be me in that situation either.

Plus we all hate ourselves for sitting around on our asses while accomplishing nothing (That’s why we aspire to take up hobbies like draw crude art and post it on the internet for karma)

But that just means we are getting it good. We are so safe and secure that we can loaf around until we hate ourselves for loafing around any longer. Just wait till you finish studies and get a full time job.

In some nations people would sell their kingdom for a life where they can just do nothing because they must work non stop or die. And at least I still got a job when so many people don’t. Sucks to be them.

Also it’s not my fault my wall is disgusting. Alex filled it with sexual innuendo! Blame him!


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