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Twins the Serendipitous Serval
Twins the Serendipitous Serval

Yeah, I was kind of hinting at the unreasonableness of my complaints with the reference.

Factory job, huh? What is this, 1872? Don’t machines run those things now? At least in the modern world they do. Dunno what the hell goes down there.

Don’t you sometimes feel like there’s more to life though? A full time job, hell, any job at all is a fine thing. Is it something you find, or is it sometime you must create on your own? Isn’t there more to it than being part of a larger system? Doesn’t everyone just want to be known for something? Are we truly in a better position than those less fortunate, or are we afflicted by the very things that hold us aloft? I mean, didn’t the Soviet Union explode because Gorbachev did that glasnost thing and then people were like “wait this actually sucks” and then Yeltsin and then Putin and then accidentally the whole country.

Half of the time I think we know too much for our own good. The other half I think I should stop posting for the 24 hours after the consumption of any amount of alcohol (which was a lot).


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