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Delta Two-Six The Lurking Fagtron.
Delta Two-Six The Lurking Fagtron.

oooh. well, my somewhat LIMITED understanding of an IP ban is when even if someone tries to create multiple accounts, they won’t be able to do so since their IP adress is restricted in accessing the site itself. i guess permabans work that way?

but then again, some internet connections have dynamic IPs, like mine (which is less than stellar, really..) or the twit in question is utilizing a proxy (which is more effective in bypassing these kinds of bans.)

but i’m probably just talking out of my arse now. i’m not too familiar with the site’s more…technical side. heheh.

either way, creating multiple accounts for the purpose of causing mischief in the site sure tells volumes about the person in question’s purpose in life.

or lack thereof.


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