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Crashfalcon (Temporarily Dead)
Crashfalcon (Temporarily Dead)

You think I’m cute? Why thank you!
I’m actually quite proud of my eye scars and chrome-dome.

I suppose I should elaborate on what happened to ol’ Crashy.
A few weeks ago, he was infected by the Sigma Virus, which is essentially my spirit. I tried to lay low until the time was right, but I couldn’t resist. I tried to disguise the fact that he was slowly going Maverick by using that Scout Face meme as a cover up.
As you destroyed Crashy, my spirit spread through his circuits, took his spirit, and departed to find a body that was strong enough for me to get revenge on you for blowing my disguise, and then conquer KYM.
I have now totally absorbed Crashy’s spirit. If you want to destroy me and get him back, you’ll have to get your precious Shenron to grant your wish!
Oh wait… you’re gonna use the single wish that Shenron can grant to revive Advance, aren’t you?
Oops! Looks like you can wave goodbye to Crashy Washy! Not that he’ll be able to see or hear you!
Also, my new body is 90% complete, so you’d better hurry up with finding those Dragon Balls!

I’m evil. I want to kill you and conquer KYM. I have absorbed Crashy’s soul. The only way to defeat me and get Crashy back is to get Shenron to grant your wish.


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