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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

To be honest, I never got around to watching Avenue Q so I missed the reference. Please don’t hate me.

Anyway, machines only do all the work in a factory when there are no random variables in the job process. No machine can do my job because of random variables; like things that need to be cut at random different angles in 3D space for each piece. You need a human for that.

Aint’ going into detail of what goes on at work. You don’t wanna know.

I always feel there is more life. My optimism tells me to be thankful for what I got so far but I’m always telling myself I could do more. Like I could have avoided this whole mess and kept my old job if I just tried harder. I have dreams of great things. I do wish I could make them real and be known for them. But sometimes just to simplify life: I ignore that feeling

However, I don’t believe in knowing too much. I believe that in the short time I have in the universe, I may as well learn as much of it as possible

And I think the Soviet Union collapsed because their arms race made their economy implode


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