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I think I went for sincere and complete apology and portrayed lack of self-esteem instead.

I’m a bit down for what I think is more than a simple mistake. I had been operating under an assumption that administration had to correct me on, so it was a fundamental error in how I moderate. But at the same time, I’m not above improving after acknowledging my mistakes and apologizing for them.

I believe that if I’m going to be put in a position with powers that other users don’t have, then I should be pretty hard on myself since only a few users can criticize and punish me (whereas most user can receive formal criticism and punishment from a variety of users.)

But hearing your words of support helps me to feel better. I wasn’t really going to ask to have my powers revoked unless many users said that they’d prefer I didn’t have them regardless of how well or poorly I’m doing. However, I’ve gotten more support than calls for “resignation.”

I’m not really a person that needs confirmation and reassurance, but it’s nice to hear that from you. Thanks.


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