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>parents had taken away my computer’s Internet access because reasons
>have been secretely using Lil’ bro’s computer late at night instead, for keeping up with fandom
>currently sitting upstairs doing homework
>dad calls me downstairs, says he wants to tell me something
>he’s on Lil’ bro’s computer, shows me a tiny little bookmark tab
>clicks it
>was this image (heavly suggestive)
>“August, this is not okay to have on Lil’ bro’s computer.”

Goddamn it Internet Explorer (I hardly even use IE on that machine). Of all the images to somehow put on the bookmark bar where my Dad would find it…
I’ve never been so embarassed in my entire life.

Years of paranoid proxy browsing and careful selective deletion of history, wasted in one horrid browser’s need to mess everything up.
There are no words.


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