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Sonata Arctica
Sonata Arctica

Yep, Alestorm for example.
But those people are doing nothing but criticizing and fearing everything that they are not used to.
Like if someone of those asks me about my preferences and i tell them thatn I like My little Pony, Friendship is Magic, occasionally playing videogames whenever I got time for it and like Metal like Nightwish, Korpiklaani, Ancient Bards, Blind Guardian etc. they almost always react on the same way: “Girl, what’s wrong with you?”
Surprise! There exists another taste of things beside the mainstream pushed awfulness. (Gosh, that sounds hipster-ish"
They don’t want to leave their little world the danger of finding something good thats not so demanded ‘cool’ that you could like is too high…
I mean, I know what they like, but i simply dislike it, but I don’t judge them.
They just…..refuse to use their brain when they meet people with different taste in music or someone with unusual preferences


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