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Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer

Oh my…
Both of them is good indeed but first game’s grafics is kinda lame. It is really funny when you massacre. Killing and consuming citizens, soldiers or carrying cars to the roof.
But side missions are boring. Grafics (as i said)are lame.
I love the character “Alex” because.. He is cool. Not because he is hero or something.. He is just cool.
I suggest you to watch this preview.

And [prototype] 2.. Well.. It’s grafics and combats are better than the first game. You are controling the soldier “James”. He tries to take his revenge from “Alex”.

They are both good game.
For me? Hmm. I don’t really care about their plot. I just throwing cars, biobombs, consuming citizens..
These games are like stress balls. They comforts you.


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