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Moving? You’re in school, so is that a temporary relocation?
And I don’t feel as bad as I first did about the misunderstanding of what JFF is supposed to be. I’ve gotten a lot of kind (and reasonable) words of support. If it were not for the word from administration, then I still wouldn’t know. But considering that Alex got banned in the process, and my lock of a thread in which he was posting led to him being upset, I felt like I needed to sincerely (and not halfway) apologize.

I don’t think it should be any secret that moderation expects that JFF will get to a point where users aren’t having fun with it. It’s not the lack or abundance of rules that makes a forum. It’s the users. But moderators should not imply insults like that (in my opinion,) and users don’t want to consider that they are the reason why they can’t figure out how to have fun.


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