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I’m not sure if you have seen the finale yet, but well I’m here to assure you that Larson pulled it off. When this episode was written and produced, the show was planned to end with 65 episodes – to end with season 3. There is no real source confirming this yet, but I’m actually quite sure about it. This tweet here is referring to the finale, which means that the episode was written in 2011.

We are focussing so much on the toy department and thinking that they had the idea of alicorn twilight, but we could also be wrong. For all we know, this could even be a thing coming from Lauren Faust’s original character bible.

This might also be the only episodes of pony that wouldn’t make any sense if you have never watched an episode before, as it really needs some context. I would actually recommend watching the pilot, the season 1 finale and the season 2 – and 3 opener before. This might sound like a lot of episodes, but it’s worth it. If you think about how much Twilight has learned in these three seasons, you will come to the conclusion that she has kinda earned it and that we can be proud of her. She was never meant to be a librarian in pony ville all her life, in fact she is totally overqualified for the job. So if you watch the episode in the right context, you should have a really good time with tons of feels.
BTW I would really like to hear your opinion :)


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