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Why did you do all of that? What the fuck is your problem???? It’s the fucking internet!!!! YOU NEED TO STOP TAKING EVERYTHING SO PERSONAL! OGW IS in fact my friend yes, probably my second best KYM friend. Yet you go and cuss at her like that? How the fuck do you think that makes ME look huh? That makes me just as bad. I’m sure she wouldn’t want me standing by and watching you talk shit about her. Stop thinking with your emotions!!! You just blew up on your favorite KYM dude, and insulted a good online friend to all 3 of us. I swear to God Jeane, you are gonna wake up tomorrow and be so sorry for all of this. And what are they gonna do? NOT GIVE A FUCK! Thats what. Just think about that, or something besides being mean for once. I don’t know what else to tell you, but prepare to get flamed beyond belief by all of the people that worship them. Please don’t leave the site though. I will miss having you to interact with, so will a few others.


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