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Aaah right, drinking is legal when you turn 21 in ‘Murcah, well here it is: beer 16+ vodka, tequila and stuff 18+
I don’t know about that system i always hear from younger persons that they are proud of how often they drink themselfes into hospital…
I am now allowed to drink ‘hard stuff’ for around 3 years now.
Its always up to the person itself but it sadly became popular todrink till you end up in the hospital….not very surprising is that those people are that ones who consider their music taste as the ‘only one’ which is of course the mainstream stuff.
I never got that point, partieng as metalhead menas that you have a good time with your friends, alcohol can be involved but does not have to.
Mostly it sure takes part too..but partieng means ‘drink till you don’t know who your parents are’ to those mainstream kids, it starts with those when they turn 14 or even eariler, depending on how bad the influence of those people are which they so consider ‘friends’.
They don’t want to know it and refuse the fact, but: Metalheads may look different but are by far the more responsible group of those two.


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