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amanda b.
amanda b.

I wanted to respond to your question about the graph incline on “before you say i am stoling this art..” and to make sure you saw it, i am posting it here!

So, “stoling” has always had a small bit of search volume, probably due to spelling errors, similar words (the college mount holyoke has a stoling ceremony) and last names. the week that the louvre post was made on tumblr, it jumped from 7 to 57 and then began climbing due to the sheer volume at which new posts w/the phrase were being made on tumblr. if you look at this graph, you can see the 90 day report and the incline looks much steeper compared to the previous months. the past year graph is even steeper, as all of the search time is now smushed into a small amount of space on the graph.

i hope that answers your question!


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