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True, well some people are hating on other metal genres, but it’s like every thing, there always some trds.
Sadly those retards are the majority at those mainstream stuff.
I have never seen such disrespectful people like those, ever in my life.
I mean seriously, there is no point in being the loudest, worst marks having douchebag around, it will only decrease your chances for your future, your #SWAG won’t help you get a job when an employeer will look at your tons of facebook pictures where you have drunk yourself beyond all borders of responsebility.
But…well..maybe someday those people will understand, I don’t care if they learn it by themselves or by the cruel reality.
Metalheads are nice persons, if the metalhead is a brony..well then halleluja
For example: The Burgerkings in germany now have mlp figures to the kids meal
I was getting (of course) all, asked nicely if i have to buy all those kids meals just to get the figures…in the end it ended with some meals for me (gawd they are so small) and some for random persons (but the ponies were all MIEEENNNNNAh) the guy behind the counter said he likes people like me, metalheads and bronies are most of the time the nicst people all around


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