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Hm, I think so, here sometimes ‘Create your own burger’ contests from Mc Donalds where you can build your own burger that’ll maybe get into their sortiment…Yes there’s a Scootaloo Burger.
Sadly the one I once made ‘Captain Diabeetus’ with tons of meat and bacon was not elected D:

There sure less tours in America since the distance from finnish, metalbands from sweden or around is pretty high and they have to travel with an airplane and such.
But well, I think Nightwish has announced an America tour this year.
Ah, I just relaised Avantasia is going on an Eurpoe tour soon.
That’ll be nice^^

But till then you will probably have the Imgainaerum movie i think.
Depending on how well it is visited in Europe they’ll surely show it in Asia and America too.


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