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I played a lot of C’n’C Generals back in the day, unfortunately EA lost any interest in maintaining the game or the servers. In the end it wasn’t really enjoyable anymore. Games crashing, loosing connection and more, any round over 20 minutes was doomed and after a time that’s even more depressing than loosing battle after battle.
I also think that it does no good playing with statistics on your mind. Playing for your k/d ratio in shooters or improving your win – loss record in an rts, will suck the fun right out of a game.

Hm back to the pony finale;)
I’m not really fond of those musical episode as well and I’m not a huge fan of Winter Wrap Up or SCS6000, but the music works quite well in the finale, because it moves the plot fast. I wouldn’t even say that the episode is really rushed, as the coronation has a lot of time. Yeah I still think that it comes a bit too early, but you know the pony show is still able to surprise me and I guess that this a good thing…


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