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Yeah. I’m confident that I’ll either keep healing or I’ll have to go back to the doctor. The physician I’ve been seeing doesn’t seem to be paying attention to me. I tested positive for an illness, and I’m getting a standard treatment for it. It’s good in a way, but she ignores everything else about it. I’m choosing to not stress it until I’m no longer getting better at all after I’m off my meds though.

I’m applying to career and career starting jobs, to be sure. One position is as a project coordinator, where I’d be helping organize training for a national center at a university. It would be amazing if I could land that. The other position is as a data analyst. That’s not nearly as interesting or as high paying, but it is in Athens, so I’d be very comfortable living there for many reasons.
And I appreciate the prayers. I wish I could connect you with my friend in seminary. I think I’ve scared him away from KYM though for a few reasons. I think he could speak on your level in terms of religion. We met each other through an on-campus ministry, but his knowledge of Christianity far exceeds mine.


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