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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

Right you are, sir! Know that I am but a novice mazer, and am not that great at this yet. The way I do this is admittedly a little brutish, and I’ve done a lot of experimenting with the recipe, so no two batches have ever come out the same for me. Still, here’s a basic layout of my latest brew:

1 part honey for every 4 parts water. (I’ve used raw clover honey in the past, but I found a local farmer’s market sells orange blossom honey and buckwheat honey which I’ve bought and plan to try in my next batch.) Pasteurize the honey, skimming off the stuff that floats up to the surface. A few minutes into this process, I typically drop a piece of a cinnamon stick into the must to add some flavor. I’ve found my end product to have way too MUCH cinnamon taste in there, so I’ll probably cut this back a little. After that’s done I remove the cinnamon and put the must into an ice bath to cool it down. I’ll then place it in a container to ferment, ranging in size from jars to jugs. I like to have a fruity flavor in there, so I plop a piece of fruit in the container before sticking the yeast in there (after it’s cooled to the appropriate temperature, of course). So far I’ve found orange to be my favorite fruit to put in my mead. Unfortunately I’ve only got baker’s yeast right now; there’s no homebrew store near enough to my current residence for me to get wine yeast. Then the waiting game commences. A few weeks for small amounts, and months for larger amounts.


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