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This is the limit of my mead experience. They add a variety of herbs and things, and they don’t pasteurize their honey. Their selection tends more towards being like dessert wines, but still very good.

I am interested in making my own though, I think it would be a fun summer project. And as a chemist, I’ll assume (cough) that I’d have a rather deft hand, at least when it comes to preparation and stuff. I mean, it can’t be much more difficult than a fractional distillation eh? haha That being said, predicting the right levels of spices and stuff to add is tricky, I’m sure. But as you said, it probably wouldn’t turn out bad.

As far as your situation, in my cooking experience (I like to think I’m a quite good cook), I’d suggest adding orange zest, or maybe lemon zest. Do you use a spice sachet? That might help for easier addition and removal and stuff.

And for it being too dry, I’m not sure if there really is a way around that. All the mead I’ve had has been dry. Maybe try using unpasteurized honey?


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