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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

Not pasteurizing the honey might be a good idea, actually. I’ll just have to make sure that

1) The water and honey are well mixed; I don’t want it to be separated and have to shake it up halfway through its fermentation

2) It’s still safe to consume (I mean, that’s the reason behind pasteurizing it at all, right?). I’m sure it will be, and in fact, I didn’t pasteurize what I’ve got fermenting right now, though admittedly I used pleb-tier pure honey in that batch.

Getting a spice satchel should probably be my next priority. I don’t have one, but I could certainly see how it’d be helpful. And I’ll get some orange zest. As for why it’s so dry, I agree that it kinda just comes with the territory, but I’ve read that using a lighter honey (such as orange blossom) in greater quantities can help with that to a degree.

Good luck stealing your lab’s stuff to brew! Hope that doesn’t bite you later. Seeing that you’re a chemist, I’d imagine this’ll come a little easier to you than me. I have little patience for specific numerical instructions, so I honestly just wing it when it comes to mead. I guess herein lies the question of cooking as an art or a science; I like to play with it and hope the product turns out well, while you’ll stick to the recipe (I assume).

One other thing- I went through Middle Mountain’s entire selection before seeing the text at the bottom: “Please note we ship to Canada only.

I was crushed.


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