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I know that feel bro. The main différence I guess is that, in French, most accents used for wovels other than “e” don’t change the way your pronounce it and that’s why you tend to forget there is ever one to begin with when you write the word. “Bâtiment” has indeed a “^” on the “a” but it doesn’t change how you pronounce the word at all, nor its meaning, if you wrote it with the “a” alone. It would be a grammar mistake but every French speaker would understand you.
That’s the same thing with “allô”, you can write it “allo” and the meaning is still unchanged. Actually, wikipedia says that both writings are widely used.
Talking about translation, I don’t go word-to-word because I’ve been taught to use translation tools known in French as “modulation” and “transposition” (I guess they have the same meaning in English), which means that, sometimes, you have to change things to adapt. I hesitated to reuse the formula [it+subject+that/who/which+verb] also known as “proposition clivée” in the translation, for example.

Hmm, I think a whole translation of the catchphrase could be necessary for English speakers to understand a bit of what’s going on. goes back to editing


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