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Maat El Adalid
Maat El Adalid

So, it’s out, Heart of The Swarm is out. I thought this would mean hard times for us, brotoss, but with the might of The Golden Armada backing us up, on-line zergs are mostly reduced to a bunch of cry babies praying for a massive nerf against protoss and terrans alike.
I miss the Brood War days, when people would think and execute strategies that led them to victory against far more powerful units (like the reaver) than the ones they face today, rather than whine and hope they would have every win given to them in a silver tray.
Princess Luna has graced our ranks with her presence!

Also, do you happen to know any hots mlp clan? I’m kind of looking forward to get into one of them but I’m still not sure.
And of course I can’t turn my back on my fellow brotoss, so if you happen to be in need of a sc team mate, my character code is 988 .
Can’t wait for Legacy of The Void now.


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