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Maiden Heaven
Maiden Heaven

…So. I just realized something ultimately hilarious. Y’see, before all this, before being a brony, before meeting all y’all wonderful peeps, before even stepping foot into KYM, I was having lingering feelings of anxiousness.
You see, back around high school, I had plans of going to college. I wanted to become an animator, mostly a storyboard artist. But… well, things got complicated. I had to refocus my life abruptly. I had to abandon my dreams. I needed to.
I became anxious, worried over my future and what would become of me. I was losing my family. I was losing ‘myself’, if you can forgive the overt cliche in that phrase. I lost my own teenage years… Well, yeah, I’m kind of still a teen, but I lost all chances for any fun. The only things I did that brought enjoyment to me were… unsavory.


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