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Biotic Zombie
Biotic Zombie

To be honest, I was always dubious on whether or not my affection for you would stay perpetual, especially with all the tedious tribes & tribulations that our relationship has gone through. The amino acids along my body curl with excitement which causes this funny, lovely & sensible feeling throughout my mind. I could go on all day, paraphrasing every single word that’s going on throughout my head that attribute to expressing my complete gratitude and listlessness I have towards you. Even though I’ve been shunned for my awful deeds that I have folded these past troubled months, but you are kind & forgiven and have shown me that what was a small peak of friendship can become a beautiful & enriched opportunity. Oh, do I ever apologize for becoming a shell of what was a good friend who tried to make you feel better through all the emotional & physical tribes.

I love you. ( Real talk, bro. )


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