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Katie C.
Katie C.

Now that you’re head admin, I’ve been poking around the website and I’d like to offer my thoughts on what’s good/what may need improvements.

Database: I’m really glad that things are going faster, but I think we need to put more attention into older entries. Submissions that go behind page 10 are usually dead and forgotten.
Videos: Looks fine to me. I don’t think we have duplicate videos. (Yet). I’d suggest extending Image Mod to Media Mod to cover both images and videos. We’re going to need it soon enough
Images: Oh boy. We have a lot of duplicates, and they’re being found, but not deleted. We need more image mods to fix this.
Forums: The forums used to be great. Now they’ve really declined. First issue: Lack of activity: I think we should make the forums more known to our users. Many people I know that have heard of KYM don’t even know that we have forums.
Second issue: Quality. We can’t make users post better threads, and it would be bad to post rules regulating them, but I think we should try to encourage more worthwhile threads, lest they get worse. A lot of old users seem to believe that our forums used to be better.


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