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1. Give me an introduction of yourself
2. I see. Do you have an avatar of yourself?
3. Just for fun, try drawing the same picture with your opposite hand
4. And now with your foot! :D
5. How nice! So you like to draw? What do you enjoy drawing the most?
-Your A$$.
6. Ooh… I see! What inspired you to draw first?
-Your A$$.
7. What do you have the most difficulties on in drawing? (Ex. hands, human, coloring, …)
-Your A$$.
8. Yeah, drawing ain’t easy. Why don’t we give it a little practice? Try drawing one thing that you see around you now.
-Your A$$?
9. Any personal tips you can give to others?
-Stop trollin’.
10. I have one little request… Draw me in your style~!
-(draws Deadpool)
11. Any last comments you want to say before this meme ends?
12. Finally, you’re done! Now tag 3 (or more) people!
-Troll off.


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