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I liked that “Your ex-lover is dead” song. It does what a lot of what I feel a lot of modern music fails atrociously at, and that is the smooth incorporation of all musical elements. All the instruments and how they’re used fit really well together and the way the sections are organized is very musically pleasing. Good show.

It’s in C major by the way.

As far as your question about the cadences, it’s less a question of “Can you do it?” and more of a question of “why would you want to?” cadences are typically used to create a kind of “question-answer” feel to the music where you play one or two weaker cadence in ‘question’ before finishing with a stronger cadence as ‘response’. Playing off a bunch of deceptive cadences would likely begin to irritate your listeners with your staunch refusal to resolve to tonic, and finishing off with a half cadence, the most incomplete sounding cadence of all, would be like cock teasing a guy at a bar all night and then not letting him fuck.

I’m not you have to disregard the idea entirely, just don’t use it without good musical reason. If instead of ending the song on the half cadence you use it as a way to transition to another section, that could work, or if you want to try to write a piece that communicates a sense of unresolved tension you can try it, but unless you know what you’re doing, it’s probably just going to sound bad honestly.


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