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“Person” is the article tag in KYM used to designate an individual, rather than something of memetic status, like Steve Jobs vs. Dramatic Chipmunk.

For tables, highlight that link below and copy it to the address bar. This forum addresses the process of setting up a table.

As for cleanup, here’s what you should do:

-Change the heading “About the villian” to just “About”
-Boldface the word Aku at the beginning of the article by placing an asterisk on both sides of the word and two underscores (shift key + hyphen) on each side of Samurai Jack to italicize the title; it should read something like Aku, the Shape-shifting Master of Darkness, is the main antagonist from the American cartoon show, Samurai Jack. He was voiced by Mako Iwamatsu, who died in 2006 from esophageal cancer. He is the tyrannical ruler of planet Earth who terrorizes its citizens, both human and alien, as its supreme authority. Aku is know for his over-the-top, hammy personality, flaming eyebrows, and ability to change form into monstrous creatures.


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