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That’s the thing. Outside of the order of services, I don’t know much about any denomination in regards to how they interpret the Bible. My friend is becoming Catholic, so I’ve talked with her about what the Catholic church believes (such as the interpretation of the body and blood of Christ in regards to Communion.) That’s why why I was bragging on you and your knowledge of the denominations. I could just as easily go to Wikipedia for a bit of research, but the thought had never crossed my mind…until now.

Even without historical research, I don’t feel like I’ve been to enough services outside of Missionary Baptist, African Methodist Episcopalian, and United Methodist churches to draw any of my own conclusions in regards to similarities in what the sermons focus on or what the church does outside of Sunday services. My friend in seminary would know more. I believe (at the moment) he prefers the Lutheran church. I forget if I’ve told you that before.


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